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Milano 7-12 November 2017 Mupo new product presentation at EICMA

Milano 7-12 November 2017 Mupo Srl new product presentation at EICM
Mupo new product presentation
at EICMA 2017
(Pavilion 15 Booth S32)
MAGNETO (SPIDER system) semi-active suspension
Mupo Srl, manufacturer of suspension for street and racing bikes, will be at EICMA (International Cycle and Motorcycle Show) with its new products for 2018 (Pavilion 15 Booth S32).
MUPO introduces, at EICMA 2017, the ultimate product: CARTRIDGE CSP30, a high-level product that embodies the Mupo expertise acquired over years of R & D at the most prestigious racing circuits in the world. Produced for the racing world, especially for riders who want the most sophisticated technological solution on the market.
The new CSP30 Cartridge uses through-rod technology, which improve on the performance of open, sealed, or pressurized cartridges currently on the market.
The through-rod system guarantees the reliability of a sealed or pressurized cartridge without any rebound disadvantage typical of gas-based systems.
In this product, the rod enters and exits the body of the cartridge, thus avoiding the cavitation problems typically found in other cartridges.
In addition, compression and rebound damping are completely independent, as each hydraulic part is individually adjustable.
The table below highlights the main performance differences compared to other cartridge types:

- Cartridges Ø 30 mm in Ergal 7075 hard anodized and lapped
- Compression setting: 25 clicks
- Rebound setting: 25 clicks
- Spring preload: 15 mm
- Piston Ø30 mm. in Ergal 7075 with rectified plans and lapped
- Rod Ø 12 mm in Ergal with low friction treatment
- Internal fee expansion oil system
- Chrome-Silicon steel springs
- 100% Synthetic Oil Mupo SAE5

Recently produced products :
Cartridge Caliber .22 is a modification kit designed to be fitted in front forks without external adjustments into full adjustble front forks. Done by replacing the whole group of original cartridges with our 'Cartridge Caliber .22', fitted with 22mm pistons. Altogether guaranteeing more precision and better performance. For race use. Technical features:- Cartridge diameter 22mm in alluminium - Piston rod 12mm in steel - Piston 22mm sintered- Rebound adjustmend 40 clicks- Compression adjustment 40 clicks- Spring preload 10mm- Spring made in Chrome-silicon steel- Oleo Mupo Sae 10).

Magneto, semi-active suspension system based on electronically controlled magneto-rheological (MR) shock absorbers.
A highly innovative product, which has its rise in the union of the control strategy designed by Gerardo Acocella (patented and implemented in control units by the university spin-off company Spring Off) and the characteristics of quality and very high reliability of forks and shock absorbers made by MUPO. Thanks to the technology of magneto-rheological fluids and to the possibility of real-time tuning their viscosity with the application of an electromagnetic field, Magneto represents the new frontier of bike suspension systems, allowing to realize a system which automatically adapts its response to the characteristics of the road surface and to the driver's driving style. Benefits: Automatic control of the damping force, higher comfort for the driver, higher grip and road holding, reduced and uniform tire consumption on race track. Components: MUPO magnetorheological fork, MUPO rear mono shock, Spring Off control unit, two linear potentiometers, or a linear one and a rotating one wiring loom. Technical features: The velocity/force curves are not fixed but they can vary within a very wide range both in compression and in rebound. The control unit regulates the force by applying the strategy implemented into it, as a function of suspension position and speed and of vehicle pitch and roll, running 1000 control cycles per second.
Adjustment features: Adjustments through an Android App, which allows an Android tablet/smartphone to communicate with the control unit via Bluetooth. Management software for Windows. Data recorder for data acquisition and diagnostics

Mupo S.r.l., which is part of Roberto Nuti S.p.a. Group, has its headquarters in Castel Guelfo (Bologna) and is specialized in the design and production of suspension systems for cycles and motorcycles. In order to always offer advanced and ”tailor made” products, which can meet every customer's demands, the company has invested to maximize its in-house resources: from the spare parts warehouse to the technical department, from marketing to production, to the racing department, the test bench room and the maintenance department.tment features:

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