Automotive Consulting

Research and ability to innovate

Since over 20 years, our mission is to engineer and produce the most advanced suspension systems with the objective of boosting the riding experience of every rider in terms of performance, comfort and safety.

Thanks to the investments and the continuous R&D activities, Mupo had demonstrated over the years the ability to respond to the evolutions of mobility with innovative solutions in the suspension department.

Design & Modeling

From the idea generation phase to the completion phase, we are able to give support in design and modelling activities. The complete competecy and know-how of the most advanced softwares allow us to undertake all kinds of projects in the automotive field.


Thanks to the Solidworks platform, leader in the computed-aided engineering (CAD) sector, we are able to provide support in all the phases of product engineering.

  • 3D modeling
  • FEM Analysis
  • Fluid dinamics simulations
  • Aesthetic renderings
  • Frame, suspension and vehicle layout design
  • Mechanical components

Rapid prototyping

Thanks to the use of 3D printers, we are able to provide instant prototyping according to client specifications.


The Stratasys printer is specifically engineered for the manufacturing companies in the automotive sector.

The machined is able to reach very large component dimentions and is engineered to satisfy the most stringent production needs.

Thanks to the proprietary thermo-platic material, the printed component are characterized by extreme precision and durability, with a performance which is comparable to the manufactured component.

CNC machines

Thanks to the direct access to CNC machines, we are able to supply a rapid prototyping according to the client’s specifics.

The CNC machining process drastically reduces the production tolerances, resulting in a better quality product.

Reverse engineering

Thanks to the use of 3D Hexagon scanner, leader in the manufacturing intelligence sector, we can undertake the reverse engineering of objects or constructive schemes and rebuild them in real time with PolyWorks.

Scanner 3D Hexagon

The Hexagon 3D scanner is a portable universal scanner arm, which is ideal for the evaluation of clouds of points, CNC machining, reverse engineering, rapid prototyping etc.


Our test benches

Per la ricerca e sviluppo di tutti i nuovi prodotti, Mupo può fare affidamento a diversi tipi di banchi prova interni all’azienda per il controllo dell’idraulica della sospensione e per le verifiche dimensionali di massima.

MTS Model 852

The test and control systems of the MTS Model 852 are engineered to determine the characteristics of damping with high accuracy and consistency, making it an industry standard worldwide. Tests can be done at high speed and millions of cycles to test durability and at low speed to test the friction.

Soft Engine

This test bench measures the rebound and compression damping of shock absorbers and forks, separating the gas from the hydraulic parts if necessary.


SYD MTS Roehrig

The electomagnetic dinamometers of the MTS repesent the ideal testing instruments of shock absorbers for racing teams and automotive OEMs.


The Emmetec test bench is a specialized bench for the test and characterization of shock absorbers of all types. It allows to rapidly and precisely check the damping forces of the suspension at different velocities.