The all-new suspension system for an authentic racing experience. Designed using technologies that until now have been restricted to the racing world, the Mupo IMOLA is dedicated to riders with one aim and one aim only: to beat the clock.

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IMOLA Racing Suspension

Engineered like no other

IMOLA’s high-spec technological design takes performance levels to heights never before reached by any other pressurised monotube or twin-tube shock absorber on the market.

More advanced than ever

The technical set-up of the new IMOLA suspension overcomes common “cavitation” issues that can cause your bike to feel unstable, ensuring uncompromised riding precision.
IMOLA Racing Suspension

MotoGP-inspired technology

IMOLA uses through rod technology inspired by MUPO’s racing experience. With this solution, the rod enters and exits the cylinder at the same time, eliminating the cavitation problems encountered with suspension systems based on other technical constructions.

IMOLA Racing Suspension

Designed to be the best

MUPO’s wealth of experience gives rise to extreme results: a fusion of technology embodying the brand’s extensive know-how acquired over years of research and development across the world’s most prestigious tracks.

Easily accessible controls

The compression and extension controls are completely independent. This means that each register adjusts only the hydraulic part of its competence without affecting in a negative way the other adjustments.

Hydraulic preload

Preload is easily adjustable by an external control. In this way it is possible to customize the hydraulic setting for low and high speeds without having to interfere in any way on the internal components.

Through-shaft rod

The through-shaft system ensures extremely precise and frictionless operation, even with the hydraulic system working at minimum operating pressure.
IMOLA Racing Suspension

Machined to dominate the track

The IMOLA suspension system is shaped and designed for the racing world. Dedicated to riders who want to get their hands on MUPO’s greatest technological feat ever to be released onto the market.

IMOLA Racing Suspension

Dedicated to riders shooting for the moon

IMOLA’s main piston and internal cylinder are produced entirely from hard-anodised and lapped Ergal 7075: a material primarily used in the aerospace sector to ensure minimal roughness and ultra-low friction levels.

IMOLA Racing Suspension

Your ultimate racing upgrade

Making the unthinkable possible.

Technical specifications

A synthesis of technical expertise built up over years of technological research and development.
A wealth of experience acquired across the world’s biggest motorcycling championships and circuits.
Unwavering passion for performance encapsulated in a brand-new innovative suspension system.

Main piston
Dimension: 35 mm
Material: Ergal 7075
Other: Hard-anodised and lapped
Internal cylinder
Material: Ergal 7075
Other: Hard-anodised and lapped
Material: NBR
Other: shaped to ensure minimum friction
Through-shaft rod
Dimension: Ø14 mm
Material: steel with DLC Hyperlox treatment
Other: surface roughness below Ra 0.06 and hardness greater than HV 9000
Internal system
Other: low-pressure oil expansion compensation system
Material: chrome silicon steel
Other: minimum weight optimised
Material: SAE 2.5W synthetic
Other: developed in line with technical specifications

Displayed images are for illustrative purposes only. Being handcrafted one by one and given the many different configurations, there can be differences between products depending on the application.

All the products in our catalogue are completely rebuildable and have a warranty of 2 years. This can be stretched up to 6 years by servicing the suspension periodically, as per the operation and maintenance booklet.


Technology and performance

IMOLA is the first street legal through-shaft mono suspension ever produced.
Discover the technologies and materials that inspired this new MUPO product.

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IMOLA Racing Suspension Ducati Panigale V4 1100 ( 2018 – 2021 )
Code: A08DUC067€2,400.00
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IMOLA Racing Suspension Ducati Panigale V4 1100 S ( 2018 – 2021 )
Code: A08DUC067€2,400.00
VAT excluded

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