Excellence, even in care

Mupo world beyond suspensions. We firmly believe in our high level working standards and products, so that we provide several possibilities to join our world to riders, racers and technicians who wants to take care of Mupo products together.

Who knows what to do, knows how to do it the best. This is how Mupo works, designing and creating our high level suspensions for any needs but also taking care of our products from warranty to review, technical and track assistance, training courses dedicated both to technicians who chose to work with our products and to passionate riders interested in motorcycle maintenance.

We also offer an exclusive service of motorbike measurement in order to manufacture high quality after market suspensions for any brand and model of motorcycle from all times.

Our services

research and developmentSeptember 11th, 2019
Automotive Consulting
research and development
Become a Mupo expertJuly 25th, 2019
Mupo technicians can teach you our long term experience coming both from the road and the track.
For your serenityJuly 25th, 2019
All Mupo products come with an international warranty
For your performanceJuly 25th, 2019
Track assistance
Get the best from your Mupo product, with Mupo direct assistance
Be part of MupoJuly 25th, 2019
Motorbike Measurement
If you can’t find your Mupo product? we can manufacture it customized right for your motorbike

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