Team Spirit Moto Corsa GP2 wonderful victory @ BSB 2020

Mupo's first win in the BSB championship, thanks to Mason Law and the Spirit Moto Corsa team, supported by David Croft (Mupo UK) and Nicholas Mundy (Moto Mechannica).

The 2020 season has crowned GP2 champions, Mason Law and the Spirit Moto Corsa team.

The team, supported by David Croft and Nicholas Mundy, has decided, since the beginning of the season, to equip, in its motorcycles, Mupo’s products, especially trusting the new Mupo 2020 Superbike fork with CSP-30R cartridge.

This is the first title for Mupo in the BSB series. Another great result added to the winning history of Mupo.

Thanks to Dave, Nick all the team members.

A result that galvanize and lays a solid step for a 2021 season always at the top!

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